We have an exciting and educational activity coming up this month for our students. Students will visit the Akumal Monkey, and rescued animals, Sanctuary to learn more about these wonderful primates and why they have ended up in a sanctuary.

This visit to the sanctuary helps our school support the welfare and conservation of exotic and animals, many of whom are in danger of extinction. Our students will also learn about biodiversity in the region as the sanctuary is home to an array of flora and fauna.

We like to see our school as one big welcoming community, and therefore, we will be coupling up year groups for this trip so students from different year groups can meet and build friendship to nurture when back at school. K3 and E1 will travel together, this is a great way for our students to learn more about the year groups ahead of them, making the transition from year-to-year easier.

If you would like to learn more about the sanctuary and the wonderful work they do, you can visit their website Akumal Monkey Sanctuary - Live the Monkey Experience and keep a eye on our Facebook page for pictures from the visit.

Let's hope all our students have a wonderful day learning about the importance of this wonderful conservation work.