There are many reasons to join Britt Academy, and we’d love to talk you through them on a visit. In the meantime, below you can see some of the core reasons to choose Britt Academy for your child(ren).

Bilingual Education

Language Skills for life – Read more

Our teaching is bilingual, so our students speak both Spanish and English at school, creating a wonderful international community. These language skills open doors for them in later life to maximise their opportunities post-education.

Knotion Education Platform

A Curriculum That Shapes Lives – Read more

We are the only school in Playa del Carmen to offer this innovative education platform. The Knotion way of learning teaches students core skills in a rounded way so they also develop as human beings, with an wider awareness of our world and their place in it. Through Knotion, our students receive an outstanding education and become valued global citizens.


Technology Is Part Of Everyday Life – Read more

Familiarity with technology is crucial in our modern world. Through daily use of tech, our students become extremally confident and comfortable with many forms of technology. Our weekly robotics sessions take their technology-focus a step further, as they apply technological thinking in a creative way to solve problems.

Sustainability Ethos

Focus On Sustainability – Read more

Sustainability and a love of our planet sits at the heart of our school ethos. We care deeply about our surroundings and preserving what we have for future generations. We align our thinking with UN Sustainability Goals and strive to make our students 'agents of change' for the future.

Community Spirit

A Welcoming International Community – Read more

We are an extremely welcoming school where students and teachers enjoy coming in each day. We welcome local and international families to embrace our diverse world and learn from each other. We also hold frequent sessions for parents, so they know what we're up to in school and become part of our school community. When students join, they become a Britt "Panther" this creates a feeling of togetherness and encourages pride in our school.