All students should have the opportunity to succeed and fulfil their potential, as a bilingual school, a lot of this starts with language.

As a bilingual, International school it is extremely important that we support our students to ensure that everyone speaks both English and Spanish.

Our teaching method is bilingual so our students speak both Spanish and English, as do many of our teachers who will often engage our students in both languages.

We understand that for many of our International students, Spanish is their second language. To give all our students the best opportunity to master Spanish and to help us embrace our International community, we offer additional Spanish language support through our Language Centre.

Our international students do extremely well with the support of Coach Erika and our language centre provision provides a fun and productive language learning journey by tailoring the teaching to meet the needs of each individual student. This enables all our students to get the support they need to maximise their learning and language skills. Crucially, it also means that our International students can feel happy, confident and included at school, enabling us to interact as one big, welcoming international school community.