Preparing our students for University, and their life beyond education is a core focus of our high school teaching. We teach our students strong community-based values to help them make the right life choices, as well as provide them with an excellent academic education.

Moving away from Knotion, our high school students enjoy a SEP-approved curriculum. Their learning in high school focuses on teaching them core skills in a broad range of academic subjects. Learning this way at this higher level gives them a wide range of options when it comes to choosing what they would like to study at University. It also helps with their application.

Throughout high school, students continue to benefit from small class sizes to get a personal education. They build strong relationships with teachers, and teachers are able to nurture their talents and passions while supporting them as individuals. Again, these small class sizes help us to create a deeper sense of community, and pride in being a Britt Panther.

As with our primary and junior high teaching, STEM-based learning is a core aspect of the high school curriculum. Students enjoy computer science lessons to encourage creative thinking and put logical and sequential thinking into practice.

Preparing Students for University

As well as continuing to learn in modern and light classrooms, learning at this level takes place in university-style forums. This enables students to practise presentation and debate skills in these bigger, more intimidating environments, so they aren’t phased by these different learning environments when they reach higher education. This style of learning also encourages confidence in life in general.

Further supporting the preparation for University, Britt and Knotion have developed a forward-thinking partnership with online education provider Coursera. This partnership enables Britt students to take a wide variety of courses that are formed by many top Universities including, Yale University, Princeton University, The University of Edinburgh, Imperial College London, The University of Manchester, Universidad Nacional Autónama de México, The Hong Kong University, University of Michigan and The Museum of Modern Art.

Many Britt students go on to top Universities including: Anahuac de Cancún, Anahuac de Merida, La Salle, La UVM, La Facultad De Medicina UNAM


Alongside STEM-based learning, our students go through a business and enterprise specialism, that includes finance, marketing, media development and sales to really prepare them for their future careers.

Values and Wellbeing

At Britt, we continue to encourage a balanced approach to learning. We motivate our students to enjoy physical education as a means for them to stay physically and mentally healthy. And we’re extremely proud that our successful sporting teams are known for their sporting attitude as well as their sporting achievements.

We also offer and encourage the development of the arts including music and dance. And we have dedicated facilities for these activities.

We firmly believe that an outstanding education is about much more than just core subjects. We care deeply about our students and the choices they make in their life outside of school. Through our caring teachers, our small, community-focused school and our strong values, our primary aim is to support our students to become good citizens. The ethos is supported by units of work within the curriculum that focuses on these ethics and values, giving our students the human skills needed to succeed in education and in life.