As with Primary School, our Junior High students learn via our outstanding, STEM-based Knotion learning platform. This platform meets all the requirements and assessments of the Mexican National Curriculum.

The teaching at Britt Academy is bilingual, with some learning in Spanish and some in English so students become proficient in both. Students can also take advance of Britt Academy’s Language School, which is wholly dedicated to supporting our international students with Spanish.

The Knotion platform is technology-led and integrates technology into our student’s daily life, preparing them for further education and their future careers. They also enjoy weekly robotics lessons, which are taken in our purpose-built robotics lab. These lessons encourage them to use their knowledge of applied physics, programming and coding to build solutions to interdisciplinary challenges, generating practical learning based on concrete actions.

As with Primary, our students enjoy integrated and creative learning rather than single-subject lessons to encourage rounded thinking, problem-solving and creativity among other skills.

Sustainability is something that is at the core of our school, both in our actions and our learning. Our students are taught sustainability in units that are aligned with the UN 2030 Sustainability Goals.

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Knotion has built a new pedagogical model based on "design thinking", which develops authentic life skills and fosters a new culture in students.

The Knotion Platform
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