Healthy eating for healthy minds

School Lunch

The majority of our students like to bring a packed lunch from home. We find this approach works beacuse everyone has a meal they enjoy and most importantly, everyone eats their lunch. Hunger contributes to low blood sugar, which quickly brings on fatigue and low energy, directly impacting the afternoon's learning. We want our students to enjoy their meals and to feel ready for the afternoon ahead.

However, we also sell food at school to ease the pressure on those rushed mornings. So if there is a day when you forget your child's packed lunch, our caters offer a high-quality substitute. Our suppliers always consider the nutritional value of their meals, striving to use seasonal, fresh ingredients without additives or excessive sugar. We also sell food for a range of tastes and dietary requirements, including vegetarian options.


During break times, students can enjoy a healthy snack, again they bring this in from home. 

Suitable snacks include sandwiches, cheese cubes, fresh fruit, cereal bars, savoury biscuits, small pieces of cooked meat, chopped carrots/cucumber/cherry tomatoes, yoghurt, juice or water. But feel free to use your imagination, as long as it's healthy. Please don't allow your children to bring sugary snacks such as candy, chocolate or soda.

We don't operate a 'no nuts' policy so we would be extremely grateful if you could let us know of any allergies or dietary requirements that your child has.