Our students learn through the innovative STEM-based Knotion Education platform. This enables our pupils to meet the requirements and assessment standards of the Mexican National Curriculum.

The competencies stipulated by the National Curriculum are divided into three main Hubs: Communication and Expression, Scientific Perspective and Social Participation. Knotion also complies with the standards proposed by SEP and is enriched with elements from other international education systems. 

Knotion redefines the concept of learning by merging cutting-edge technology with scientific understanding and emotional consciousness for an integrated approach. Students gain a rounded education that provides them with skills for life. The bilingual and interactive platform sets students ‘challenges’ to which they provide real-world thinking and solutions to demonstrate their skills. The use of technology sits at the centre of all learning.

Students in Primary School and Junior High School learn their skills in an integrated and creative way rather than with single-subject lessons. In addition to core subjects including, Spanish, English, Maths and Science, all students from Kindergarten up learn Global Citizenship and Robotics. Students in High School also learn business and enterprise skills including finance, marketing, and sales for a real head-start in their life outside education.

Sustainability and respect for our planet are also integral to our school and our curriculum is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are objectives set by the UN around a number of crucial global objectives covering everything from ending poverty and gender discrimination to ensuring the health of our planet.

Our curriculum is supported by our language school where students receive extra language tuition, so everyone can become truly bilingual and gets the most from our bilingual Knotion platform. Many of our teachers are bilingual for a complete immersion into Spanish and English.

Britt Academy is the only school in Playa del Carmen that uses the Knotion Education Platform.