Our vibrant school surroundings match our bright and inspiring school spirit.

Our architecturally interesting, purpose-built school building is neat and clean with bright, open classrooms to aid concentration, help students relax, and get them ready for learning.

Across our school, there are several colourful murals to uplift and inspire students.

Our school has many areas that suit our varied curriculum. We have a wonderful dance studio, technology room, robotics space and central hall where we all come together as a school and with our wider school community.

We also have excellent facilities for our younger learners who can enjoy our colourful and child-led play area. Plus, we have sports courts and a swimming pool to teach our extensive sports programme and keep our students healthy.

In our unique location, we are surrounded by nature so our students can observe the natural habitats we teach them to protect. We’re also very close to some of Playa del Carmen's best beaches, and we often visit these spaces as a school community for beach clean-ups and to learn about diverse ecosystems.

Nothing beats seeing our wonderful school for yourself, so why not contact our admissions team and book your tour?