While our Panthers were on their summer break, we were busy here in school working on a number of redevelopment projects.

Here’s an update on what we’ve been up to and why we're launching this new school year with something inspiring for all our students from Kindergarten to High School.

High School – ‘School for the future’

Our High School redevelopment is almost complete.

We’re creating a distinct and mature space for our High School students. The new design includes both recreational and study areas, with the student’s own exclusive entrance.

We are doing this to respect and support their transformation into young adults. This redesigned space not only provides them with a sense of autonomy and freedom, but it supports their evolving needs and interests with spaces for social interactions and quiet places to focus on studying.

This new environment is also to help prepare students for university, creating an atmosphere akin to university spaces. To support this goal, we’re also expanding our Coursera partnership to introduce a wider range of courses.

We can’t wait to see students enjoying their new space.

NEW Sensory Room For Kindergarten

From our very oldest students to our youngest. During the summer, we’ve also developed a new, complimentary space for Kindergarten. This new sensory space will support their holistic development, with a specific focus on their cognitive, social and emotional development and well-being.

This nurturing and loving environment is exclusively for Kindergarten, so they will feel comfortable and secure as they explore and learn. Some of the social skills our youngest Panthers will learn in this dedicated space are:

• Taking turns

• Understanding the concept of “mine” and “his/hers”

• Developing problem-solving skills

• Showing affection spontaneously

• Empathy

It will also be a lot of fun! We have equipment such as play tunnels for physical exploration, and our BRITT puppet theatre to get their imagination whirring and to encourage confidence in front of others.

We've loved welcoming our ‘little learners’ into their magical space.