For our latest Knotion challenge, we focused on our students’ business and entrepreneurship skills. We challenged our students with maths, marketing, product development and sales. Plus, we combined all these skills into one tough challenge. What better-rounded skills can you have for a successful future, because we’re not building business people here at Britt, we’re shaping future entrepreneurs!

Business Kids' Expo

The first day’s challenge involved our lower primary students. They hosted a ‘Business Kids Expo’ where they had to sell a product of their own making to our wonderful parent community.

This was no bake sale! We challenged our students to think about the need and demand for their product, how they would distribute it, and what they would need to charge. On the day, they handled fake money, challenging their maths skills.

We’re extremely proud of the creativity, ingenuity, and financial understanding they showed at this extremely busy event. All our Britt Panthers deeply considered their product and were amazing at selling on the day and distributing the right amount of change in a very busy environment. Go Panthers!

Shark Tank

The second day’s ‘Shark Tank’ challenge involved our secondary students. They pitched their business ideas to our local entrepreneurs or ‘Sharks’ with the aim of securing a fictional investment.

This was a wonderful and unique opportunity for our students to pitch their ideas to test their sales skills and enable them to gain experience in public speaking. They also had to pitch themselves as it takes a great deal of confidence to stand up in front of respected business figures and share ideas that you've developed yourself.

We’re delighted that the 'Sharks' were very impressed and the only bite was when our entrepreneurs snapped up investment in our students' impressive business ideas.

Shark Tanks

Well done to all our Britt Panthers, you did exceptionally well in these challenges and we're sure that we have Mexico's future entrepreneurs among us.