Celebrate Children's Day with 30% off Inscripciones fee

As you may know, or may have been told by your child(ren), 30th April is Children’s Day.

At Britt, we’re celebrating this with our students all day. We want to help create cherished childhood memories here in school. We're starting with a computer games-themed entrance, complete with music to surprise and delight our students as they come into school.

To help you celebrate Children’s Day, we’re also running an offer. From 24th to 28th April – the week leading up to Children’s Day - we’re offering a generous 30% discount on the inscripciones fee. This offer is available to new enrolments and re-enrolments. 

What better way to celebrate this special day than giving your child(ren) the gift of an outstanding education in our community-focused school?

If you’re new to Britt Academy, you can learn more about some of the unique benefits we offer your child(ren) on this website. Why not check out five reasons to join Britt Academy or learn more about our school’s ethos or our innovative, tech-based curriculum.

We look forward to welcoming you into our wonderful school community.