On this page, we celebrate our 'Panther of the Week', a member of our community who has demonstrated Britt´s values:

Respect, Excellence, Responsibility, Integrity and Compassion.

Panther of the week

7th November 2023

Middle School Swimming Team

Valentina, Nery, Vittori & Amber


Previous Panthers of the week

25th September 2023


From our new Korean friend, we have learned that a smile is the best way to communicate. Hanna is a joy to be around and she is especially happy when she's with her English and Spanish teachers.

Hanna Panther
2nd October 2023


Nicolasa shows us every day that age doesn't matter. What matters in life is your attitude, and Nicolasa puts love into everything she does. Thank you for taking care of us and for keeping our school clean and beautiful.

10th October 2023


We are very proud of your great performance in your first official tennis tournament. You really showcased the Britt value of 'excellence', well done.

10th October 2023
16th October 2023
Soccer Coach.
Alberto Lara

The difference between what you are

and what you want to be,

is what you do.

Always proud of my PANTHERS".

23rd October 2023

High School Student.

He has shown and outstanding performance. Already achieved 3 international certifications with Coursera.

"I a
m proud of myself and the things I have reached, but even prouder of the people around me that have helped me". Carlito

30th October 2023

Oliver is a Preschool Student.

He is a Panther who came to Britt to spread his joy, and his enthusiasm, being a great friend to his classmates and thus strengthening our school community values!!!

Thank you for being a great Britt Panther.