Smartium Academic Group

We are an education group committed with the development, personal and social growth of our students. We firmly believe the world needs leaders that are committed to personal, social and environmental development. It is essential to recognize that the only way to excel in a very competitive society is to seek excellence, be able to work collaboratively and to learn in a conscious way to live a healthy, positive and satisfactory life.

SMARTIUM ACADEMIC GROUP believes in the importance of integral formation of future leaders that know how to take advantage of the opportunities that they encounter throughout their lives and to develop a harmonious coexistence with the environment and the firm commitment to have a positive impact. Our academic model teaches our students to be responsible for their destiny and to recognize that success comes from individual determination; we teach them to be creative in the search for solutions and to be committed to taking care of the environment.

Our project started in 2012 with Redmond School in Cancún which promptly rose to be one of the best education institutions in the city with 500 students. In 2015 we opened Britt Academy in Playa del Carmen that in a short period is recognized as an international school with more than 400 students earning important academic and sports awards.

In 2021 we will open Smartium International School in Mérida, our largest project so far with a vision for elevating the education to international standards with first class construction. With all the experience from previous projects and an exhaustive analysis of education models within Mexico and around the world we will open this school with a model that combines the latest technology and scientific comprehension of the world with an inner emotional conscience providing a more impactful education.

Smartium International School.  ¡Opening in Mérida 2021!

In SMARTIUM ACADEMIC GROUP we are constantly looking to improve every aspect that influences the development of our students where technology, heedfulness, and personal knowledge converge with an integral transdisciplinary and humanistic approach.

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