It’s undeniable that information technology and communication have reached all aspects of contemporary life. They constitute an engine for innovation and  promote social exchange and economic activity.

Our academic model combines cutting edge technology along with the scientific understanding of the world with an inner emotional consciousness creating a frame for integral learning and a unique understanding of life.

Which are the advantages of using the tablet in the classroom?

Children begin using tablets at a very early age so integrating it as a tool in the classroom is a very natural and logical step. For the kids, it is a natural interaction that makes learning interactive and entertaining.

The benefits are for the teacher as well as the student.

For the teacher:

  • Using a tablet allows one to identify areas of opportunity and personalize the content depending on each student’s necessities.
  • Promotes the active participation of the group, teamwork and the ability to be able to guide and motivate students in the adventure of learning.
  • It makes evaluating easier taking into consideration individual aptitudes.

For the student:

  • Using a tablet makes it visually more attractive which helps to keep the interest and understand the concepts better.
  • Allows the student to learn updated and global content, developing abilities to find solutions.
  • Classes are more dynamic and engaging.

Technology is not an end by itself but a means to enhance learning.

“It takes a lot of hard work to make something simple, to truly understand the underlying challenges and come up with elegant solutions”

Steve Jobs

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