Academic Model

KINDERGARDEN: Early childhood

A wonderful journey begins

A great beginning starts in our Early Childhood program. Here our preschool students develop both cognitively and socially, building fundamental academic skills while developing a healthy sense of self. Our preschool is a total immersion in English to guarantee that our students not only understand and speak in English but also think in English.

A comprehensive individual growth is at the core of our program, for this reason we promote the development of Emotional Intelligence in each of our students so that they learn how to handle frustration and difficult situations.



How big can you dream?

We provide our students with wonderful learning opportunities by welcoming them into a world rich of possibilities and guiding them into becoming active explorers and confident thinkers.

Our model uses elements of neurolearning, combining visual learning experiences to harness cognitive engagement, making learning meaningful and interesting. Our methodology is different from others because it’s rooted in our deep understanding and knowledge of neuroscience and learning to align with each student’s unique needs.

We think that nutrition plays a fundamental part in good health, that’s why we teach our students the importance of having good eating habits.



Discover your passion

Our philosophy is simple: Set clear expectations, hold high standards and provide close support and guidance through student-teacher interactions to build confident and capable young scholars.

Free expression, empathy and respect for everyone’s opinions are fundamental pillars in our student’s education. We teach through collaboration as a powerful tool to reach the goal.



Opening doors to the future

In the Upper school we engage students by inspiring a passion for learning. Students learn to think critically, solve problems creatively and research across different disciplines in both Spanish and English. We are committed to help our students to develop personal responsibility, leadership skills, courage and healthy decision making.