The recreational areas of Kinder and Elementary have next generation playgrounds.


XXI Century School

In 2016 Britt Academy was granted the First Civic Architecture Award by the Architects and Engineers Association. They recognized an innovative, ergonomic, safe and sound building. The project was designed by a team of architects, educational psychologists and teachers to ensure that the space would promote learning, socialization and safety.

The facilities and all the classrooms are equipped with high technology systems to make sure that our learning platform runs appropriately. We have installed wired internet service throughout the whole school so that the platforma can run to an optimal speed. This has been a great accomplishment because there is nothing in the neighborhood to support this technology.

Next generation equipment.

The recreational areas of Kinder and Elementary have next generation playgrounds, modern and safe. This supports movility at the same time that challenges our students.A shockpad base under the floor provides comfort underfoot for the students and helps to buffer the impact of falls. Our priority is to make sure that our students can play freely and be safe at the same time.

Our sports facilities where built for the athletic development of our students. We have a semi-olympic covered pool, soccer field and a multi-purpose court.

In addition, we have dedicated rooms for our students to read and relax such as Playroom located in Kinder and the Teen Lounge. We have special classrooms for Robotics, Tae Kwon Do and Arts and Dance.

Due to the structural quality of the project, Britt Academy is the only school in Playa del Carmen that has received a special certification from de department of civil protection to be able to serve as an official refuge in case of hurricanes,

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