Knotion® education platform:

Is a transdisciplinary learning ecosystem that combines cutting edge technology and the scientific understanding of the world with an inner emotional consciousness creating an integrated learning framework.

Knotion® ecosystem contemplates and complies with the standards proposed by the SEP and at the same time is enriched from the proposals of international protocols.

The competences stipulated by the national curriculum are divided into three main Knotion® Hubs: Communication and Expression, Scientific Perspective and Social Participation which raise knowledge areas at a level of competence, as they integrate contents, skills, and values within a transcendent context.

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Communication and

Based on a frame of reference which consists:

1. Inner Kore

The development of healthy, balanced and productive future citizens of the world has led Knotion to incorporate tools that foment balance between the conditions of the world and the needs of humankind:

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2. Outer Kore

Are environments to develop the skills for the global citizen of the 21st century. The Knotion ecosystem propitiates throughout its curriculum the generation of there environments for the application of these skills:


Digital responsibility

Information, and Media Literacy

Social and personal empowerment

Collaboration, leadership and project development

Innovation, critical thinking and problem solving

2. Virtues

Doing our part in educating happy, integrated, reliable, responsible and wise human beings using love, focus, and truth:

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