Our beloved mascot Peter is a black panther, known for their natural leadership and ability to focus on their goals until they achieve them. Peter creates a bond within the community, he makes all the members feel included and accepted.

Peter welcomes our students and cheers them on during the school year in all their academic and athletic activities and competitions. He inspires them and motivates them to give the best that they have to give in their tasks. He teaches them the value of knowing that the competition and winning are equally important as knowing how to be graceful winners and losers.

Peter is:

  • Adventurous
  • Assertive
  • Powerful
  • Extremely agile
  • Charismatic

These characteristics inspire us to fight to achieve our goals and to work as hard as we have to be the best teams and individuals in Playa del Carmen, to never give up and always keep “moving forward” in our constant pursuit of excellence.

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