We teach cultural, artistic and sports activities that are focused on developing the intellectual, psychological and physical abilities of our students.

The extracurricular activities we offer during school days are:

Preescolar Primaria Secundaria y Bachillerato
Música Danza Artes (Música o danza)
Natación Natación Deportes (Fútbol o voleibol)
Educación física Educación física
Expresión corporal

The after school clinics that are included with the tuition are:

Preescolar Primaria Secundaria y Bachillerato
Baby ballet Jazz Jazz
Hip Hop Coro Voleibol
Artes plásticas Yoga Basquetbol
I. Música Voleibol Canto
I. Deporte Basquetbol
Yoga Ajedrez
Teatro musical
Artes plásticas

Music and corporal expression:

In our school in Playa del Carmen we believe that art is a fundamental part of the development of integral individuals, it exposes them to artistic and corporal expression as well as music.

Art promotes creativity at the same time that develops motor skills and manual and visual coordination.

Our teachers and art coordinator are certified professionals in the field.

Baby Ballet and Baby Hip Hop

Dance is fundamental to the development of gross motor skills and body movement.


Our jazz teams have arduous training that includes physical, technique, corporal expression training, and stage assembly.

Plastic Arts

A graphic expression is a very helpful tool at all levels, it builds fine motor skills and promotes concentration. It allows the more reserved students to find a venue to fully express their feelings through art.


Music has countless benefits, we start with the basic instrument: our body to progress to different instruments.

Musical theater

We are the only school in Playa del Carmen that has a musical theater program in elementary school. Our students study theater, choreography, build the stage and live sing at their performance at the end of the school year.

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