Education is a vital component to assure Mexico’s growth.
Smartium is founded as an answer to our belief that Mexico is in a crucial moment, when it needs Mexicans that are committed to achieving their full potential and making a difference in the country’s progress, responsible and honest individuals and professionals who will be able to succeed in an extremely competitive world with integrity and accountability. Individuals that recognize the importance on participating in a positive way in the country’s economic, political and social future.

Our program teaches our students to take responsibility for their actions, to recognize that success comes from hard work, taking risks and learning from their mistakes. We teach them to think creatively, looking for different ways to find solutions.

We believe in the integral education of our students where the education at home and school are working together with same values and goals. To support this we have a School for Parents where we have monthly seminars to discuss best practices on handling different aspects of a child’s development.

The project started in 2012 with Redmond School in Cancun where it promptly became one of the best educational institutions in the city.
In 2015 we opened Britt Academy in Playa del Carmen, a project that only in a few years has become the leader in education in the region, winning important academic and athletic prizes.

In 2017 Redmond School changes its name to Britt Academy Cancun to unify the institution’s identity. In this same year we start building the third school in Merida.
Smartium recognizes the importance of educate the kind of citizens that Mexico needs and deserves.